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It’s October, and whereas average Cornell students are settling back into their old routines, WVBR students are eagerly anticipating a move into the new station at 604 East Buffalo!  With serious building projects slated to begin this week, I wanted to take some time to share some updates on progress with the 604 project.

The project’s planning phase began in the early stages of the summer.  In the initial phase, layout and organization of the new studios were hammered out and renovation projects were worked out.  Additionally, WVBR reestablished its relationship with the Lehman Community Alternative School, the building which currently hosts our 105.5 translator without charge.  In exchange for donation of old radio equipment, LCAS will provide us with more roof space for us to add new wireless equipment.  The planning phase finished up right around the commencement of Cornell classes.  Finished drawings are set to be submitted for building permits.


Structural work will start as soon as the permitting process allows—most likely in November. Until then, all of the electrical and ventilation work will need to be worked out, and movement in this department will begin next week at the latest.  Equipment has been ordered, and once the structural work is completed, it’s only a matter of weeks before the equipment can be transferred and the station is operational.  November is a reasonable deadline, and I can say that everyone involved with the project is ready and raring to go.

Although physical build and IT plans are in place, we still have no firm plans for new broadcast and production furniture. With growing multi-media needs at the station, the Guild needs top-quality production facilities. Our current furniture consists of antiquated broadcast desks, broken chairs, and a single production facility which regularly encounters problems associated with the use of old equipment. We hope to firm up furniture plans once we have made progress in fundraising.

These are exciting times at WVBR, and I’m proud to be in the thick of it.   In my next blog post, I’ll share some information on the fantastic programming that will be able to produce in addition to more updates on the 604 project.

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