604 Update

After a successful past few weeks, it is clear that the 604 Relocation Project will exit 2013 with a bang!
On the weekend of November 23rd-24th, WVBR’s weekend specialty shows held a pledge drive. The specialty show hosts put their hearts and souls into passionately soliciting pledges throughout the weekend. Students staffed the phones throughout the weekend, and I’m happy to report that we received over $10,000 in pledges!
On the building side of the project, it’s full steam ahead. The transition from Cow Palace to the new studio will begin over winter break, and it seems as though we’ll be able to broadcast out of the new station in January. I helped paint a few rooms in the station, and although Kevin assured me that I’m a much better jok than a painter, the colors are really pulling the space together.
In other news: the student lounge has a name! I’m particularly excited about this bit of news, as I plan to spend a lot of time in the lounge in the coming years. I’m glad to say that a generous donation from an alumnus will officially mean that the student lounge is dedicated to the Class of 1960!
Last week, we sent out mail to all of our alumni to update everyone on the 604 Project’s progress. In the letter, Drew and I expressed our passion for this project. When all is said and done, WVBR is going to have the best college radio facilities in the country, and I think that’s something to get excited about. Students are going to be able to graduate from WVBR with the best experience possible, and I’m glad to have played a part in that.
Remember: you still have an opportunity to make donation that will count towards a 2013 tax deduction. Check out wvbr.com/capitalcampaign for information on how to give.

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