604 Update

I know something’s happening, because everything’s moving!

ASI started doing some real heavy lifting this week, and when I visited the studio on Wednesday, I was excited to be able to imagine more of the finished project.  The wall that divided the two closets in what will be the offices was demolished, and some of the clutter in there was moved out.  By far the most exciting movement was in the future Cornellradio.com section.  The builders created a wall to section off the studio.  It’s all insulated and looking great— the kitchen appliances that were in there before are gone and the space looks entirely different.  Have a look at the station progress below!

Here’s the newly installed office air conditioner.  We don’t have to worry about equipment overheating or hearing a nasty buzzing noise over the mic anymore.


Here are the future Cornellradio.com studios.


We’re so excited to use the space that we’ve already set up a makeshift studio for an online talk show.


This relocation is really going to cement WVBR’s position as the premier student media organization in the country for decades to come.  I want to especially highlight some uncharted territory that the new stations will allow us to traverse.  The production and recording studios will really allow us to venture into more multimedia and incorporate video production into the WVBR training experience.   on the Hill will now be able to record and produce their music in an affordable and professional space, and students will be able to receive the experiential training necessary to give them a leg up in the media industry after they graduate.  No other campus radio station is doing anything like this, and I’m proud to be a part of it

I’m also excited to report that we’re starting a exciting new effort to finance the move to 604 E Buffalo Street.  During the weekend specialty program this weekend, Drew will be having a discussion with the specialty show hosts about WVBR’s move to Collegetown.  The conversation will place special emphasis on WVBR’s role as a community radio station.  The hosts will give listeners the opportunity to call in and pledge to the Capital Campaign in exchange for a special edition bumper sticker.  Students will be at the station taking calls throughout the weekend.  The drive hasn’t even started yet, and I’ve already received a few pledges.  I have high hopes for the weekend, and I think this event is going to blow our expectations out of the water.

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