WVBR’s New Home has a New Name!

WVBR is proud to announce that our new building at 604 East Buffalo Street will be named Olbermann-Corneliess Studios, made possible by a generous contribution from one of our most distinguished alumni, Keith Olbermann ’79. The building will be named in honor of Keith’s father, the late Theodore Olbermann, and former WVBR program director Glenn Corneliess ’79, who passed away in 1996. Glenn was instrumental in the success of WVBR during the late ’70s and is still very much missed by those who knew him.

The announcement was made on January 10, 2013 at an enthusiastic, well-attended WVBR alumni dinner at Pasta Lovers Trattoria in New York, with both Keith and the Corneliess family in attendance. That enthusiasm was enhanced by the news that we have raised more than $550,000 so far!

In Keith’s own words: “Everything I have began at WVBR, and I’m honored to help future generations of broadcasters who’ll be able to gratefully say the same thing. It’s also an honor to again be able to pay tribute to my late friend Glenn Corneliess. I’m sure Glenn would’ve objected to the ordering of our names until I told him that this precludes any chance anybody will ever think there was a guy named Corneliess Olbermann.”

Our capital campaign continues to be a success, and with your help we can make it to our multi-year goal of raising $935,000. Thanks to all those who have donated so far, especially those who have made ongoing multi-year commitments. That option is available on our capital campaign page at http://wvbr.com/capitalcampaign, where you can now see up-to-date donation totals as well.

We’re most happy to answer any questions you may have at capitalcampaign@wvbr.com, and we thank you for your support!

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